11572 Cedar Park Ave. 

Baton Rouge, LA 70809

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This state of the art multi-studio production and recording studio in Baton Rouge was built from the ground up in 2010.  Designed by a producer, mechanical engineer, and acoustic specialist, this pristine creative space meets the highest possible standards in commercial design.  From inception to completion, this studio build was executed with a level of insight and attention to detail rarely encountered outside of million dollar markets.

Featuring two fully equipped sound studios, Cedar Park Recording has a complete solution for any recording project.Come see us at Cedar Park Recording in Baton Rouge for all of your music and production needs!

With two studios, great microphones, and beautiful acoustics, we can handle any of your tracking needs!

We'll make sure all your audio meets the highest professional standards.  Ask about our disc duplication & design services!

We have top of the line software and a skilled staff to help make your audio crisp, clear, and professional. 

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While our services are on a first come, first serve basis, we will always make time to meet with you.

Feel free to schedule a tour or artist meeting today! 

Custom music production from award winning producer Mouse On Tha Track! Give us a call today to schedule a meeting!